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A Smile - the Universal Expression of Love & acceptance! 
We are on a mission to capture, post, & publish smiles to "Amplify Goodness, Inspire Greatness & Create Happiness!"  
Research shows that smiles rewire the brain for positivity! 
When you... "Keep Smiling, Shift Happens!"
Ken Rochon, Celebrity Event Photographer, The Umbrella Syndicate
Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO,, LLC Publicist & Sponsorship
Ken Rochon, Founder, and Andrea Adams-Miller, Executive Director, of the Keep Smiling Movement, Inc. are on a mission to create and capture smiles all over the world. 

Rochon, Social Proof Celebrity Event Photographer, The Umbrella Syndicate alongside Adams-Miller, CEO, The RED Carpet Connection, Publicist, have captured the smile of hundreds of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Athletes, Models, Influencers, Veterans, First Responders, and more holding the blue “Keep Smiling” cards! 

These photographed honorees are an example of the type of people who stand for love and acceptance by creating SMILES.  

Barry Shore, pictured in the banner above, originator of the “Keep Smiling" cards, used a smile to change his mindset and physical abilities after 8 years of quadrapeligia due to symptoms of Guillen Barres Syndrome. Now, as the Ambassador of Joy, he spreads love, acceptance, and joy like a positive viral contagion. 
You, too, can become an advocate for “The Keep Smiling Movement.” This nonprofit organization, a 501(3)c & 509(a), is on a mission to share love and acceptance through the universal language of a smile. To Amplify Goodness, they are publishing 100 co-authors of the Keep Smiling: Shift Happens books to generate a viral shift towards positivity with smiles!

After noticing that everyone including celebrities, authors, athletes, and influencers like John Travolta (Actor), Quincy Jones (Producer), Jack Canfield (Author), Ray Lewis (NFL), and Les Brown (Influencer) stepped up to hold the card and smile, Rochon started publishing books featuring different genres like Influencers, Celebrities, Entreprenuers, Models, and more...

Editions of books started developing, such as “Keep Smiling: Shift Happens, DMV Edition;” “Keep Smiling: Shift Happens, Charm City Edition;” Keep Smiling: Shift Happens, Black Women of Influence;” “Keep Smiling: Shift Happens, Celebrity Edition” and many others were published. Presently, 37 editions have been completed, and five more are in the works. 

To see images within the books online, visit

As the creation of these books continued, the Rochon’s publicist and fellow advocate of “The Keep Smiling Movement,” Andrea Adams-Miller, noticed that as Rochon re-edited these books, they rose to a higher level of distinction. He added quotes that both he and Andrea wrote that referenced smiling and, he added simple  biographies that exemplified the people featured.

Adams-Miller stated, “As I started describing the books as the modern day “Who’s Who,” the books took on the life that Ken had always dreamed. They were now viewed as special facets to amplify goodness, recognize people for who they are, propel positivity, showcase personal and professional achievements, and generate real human connection through smiles.

Eager to continue the movement, Ken, as the frontrunner, decided to publish 100 co-authored "Keep Smiling" books by August 5th, 2019, his birthday. 

With "Keep Smiling" cards printed in over 24 languages, they are ready to make an impact all over the world. Additionally, the organizers desire to partner with other profits and non-profits to reflect the beauty in a smile. 
On the flip side, they seek businesses that have a reputation to promote happiness within their corporate culture like Zappos and Google to foster happiness across the globe.

Keep Smiling: Shift Happens Books
To become a co-author, become an ambassador, to donate, to be photographed for the books, or to partner with or sponsor the "The Keep Smiling Movement” campaign, please contact us at, or contact the movement’s publicist, Andrea Adams-Miller,, 419-722-6931, or reach Ken Rochon, Founder directly at 202-701-0911 via text message.
This guy (Ken Rochon) creates and captures magic moments. He is as good as they come and not only keeps his word but goes above and beyond for people whether they are paying him for his brilliance or just subjects of his art. Highly recommended!!!

~ Jason Sisneros 

Wow! Where do I begin ... I met Ken at The City Gala in March and he immediately blew me away with his book and vibrant personality. The event photography was exceptional - people have not stopped raving about the pictures he took of me and the other attendees. Thank you Ken (and your team Kent Georgi and Andrea Adams-Miller) for what you do. You guys truly bring an event to life!

~ Dupé Aleru

 The motto "keep smiling" couldn't be any more fitting here seeing as he has a genuine way of engaging and catching people at the most natural, joyous moments......I don't know if HE keeps smiling or HIS CLIENTS keep smiling or OUR GUESTS keep smiling.....I think it is everybody. TUS captures each moment with an effortless, artistic and professional pizzaz. No event would be complete without the Umbrella Syndicate.

~ Greg Nivens
They manage to capture each moment perfectly. A smile is truly created by all who crosses their lens, and that’s what separates them from the restnly person she works for is ME!" 

~ Riddell Gina Mackey
From the moment you walk into a venue you can see Ken's energy moving through and exciting the crowd. The motto "keep smiling" couldn't be any more fitting here seeing as he has a genuine way of engaging and catching people at the most natural, joyous moments. His vibe is infectious and is essential in assisting the marketing, branding, and execution of any successful DMV brand! Not to mention his incredible ability to capture each moment with an effortless, artistic flare. No event would be complete without the Umbrella Syndicate.

~  Danae Mariah
Ken and his team are amazing. Not only impressed by his work, but his message of spreading goodness and starting from the place of giving before getting.

~  Ken Hammond

There are companies that care and companies that live to serve. Ken and his team do both. I have experienced first hand their devotion and passion to be the best in their field. I'm inspired and have since started writing my book to create my legacy. Bless the umbrella syndicate and all the leaders positively impacts the world.

~  Ricky Lewis

I've been to many events with Ken and his team. Each one is better than the last! He brings a unique perspective and adds an artistic element that most photographers lack. And he is not just amazing behind the lens...he's insightful, hilarious and a wealth of knowledge on marketing, strategy and how to grow your business! You would be lucky to have him at your event!
~ Jodi Jeffries Conklin

Umbrella tells stories by showing the people's faces and smiles, projecting the souls. Just amazing!! Two words: THE best!!!
 ~ Kuatta Neri-Consu

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